Stefan Mönkemeyer

"Saitenweise" Klangerlebnisse

Stefan Mönkemeyer

Oct. 25th 2019, 7:30pm

Stefan Mönkemeyer – Fingerstyle guitar

Born into a musician’s family, Stefan discovered at age of 16 his love for guitar. Since that time it holds on to him - or vice versa at well :-). Stefan’s repertoire contains Blues-, Jazz-, Ballads- and Folk - elements. At his performances he mixes own compositions and cover-songs. Influenced by different styles Stefan Mönkemeyer plays his fingerstyle-guitar-music from sensitive - tender to bluesy - groove based. Tasteful, filigree guitar music to discover, enjoy and to feel good. With his music Stefan Mönkemeyer succeeds the perfect combination of virtuoso guitar playing and catchy songwriting. His music truly touches the heart and soul. Stefan is one of Germany’s finest fingerstyle guitarists. Beyond Germany Stefan played successfully concerts, on festivals and cultural events in France, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Austria.

Press comments:

"...who has extraordinary skills in acoustic guitar playing.“ (Bluesnews, issue 46, July 2006)

"...Mönkemeyer recorded an exquisite fingerstyle album, which pleases in many ways...his accurate playing technique. ... skilful experienced, exciting - and depending on original - either very true to original or creative interpretations. But also his own compositions are convincing.“ (Akustik-Gitarre, issue 03/07)

”Stefan is a brilliant guitarist...” (Radio transmission Bluescorner 26.02.2007)

”Stefan is a very accomplished guitarist ...” (Radio transmission Rockin’ XXL 18.05.2007)

“Stefan is able to play guitar blindfolded. ... This is guitar playing at its best. ...perfect guitar playing.“ (Radio transmission Das musikalische Portrait 09.08.2007)

”A varied acoustic guitar album is presented by Stefan Mönkemeyer. ... the man from Dortmund recorded a musical and sound technical convincing CD. Very much worth to listen to!” (Folker!, issue 02/2008)

„Mönkemeyer shows to be a gifted guitarist...“ (Folkworld, Issue 37, 07/2008)

”Stefan Mönkemeyer...evolved into an acoustic virtuoso .“ (WDR 2, Radio transmission Musikclub vom 17.09.2008)

“...overflowing musicality, virtuosic fingerstyle, a profound technique, and last but not least Mönkemeyer’s respectable repertoire-knowledge including his stylistic expertness. ...A highly entertaining guitar album.“ (Akustik-Gitarre, issue 06/08)

“Fast as lightning the fingers moved over the strings. Finger virtuosity impressed the concertgoers. A dream to be able to play like that.” (Ruhr Nachrichten, 14.05.2009)

„With his soulful guitarmusic Stefan Mönkemeyer moved the minds of the audience and he earned thunderous applause.“ (Rheinische Post, 10.05.2010)

“One who is a master in this playing style is Stefan Mönkemeyer...he immediately catched the audience.“ (Rheinische Post, 07.06.2010) “Stefan Mönkemeyer...who made the audience feel good and who led through the evening with humorous announcements.“ (Ruhr Nachrichten, 27.09.2010)

„Virtuoso Fingerstyle here and the pleasant-driving, filling, the listeners catching bass lines. This goes well in the ear...An old hand on the strings, a musician in the heart, who really loves his music, recognizable lives, likeable connected to his audience. A very personal concert!“ (Allgäuer Zeitung, 03.06.2011)

“...ten exceptionally gifted fingers...guitar evening in a class of it’s own...a giant of guitar playing. Original compositions full of profundity. ... enthusiastic applause...emotional, warmhearted, bright and rousing. Great.“ (Soester Anzeiger, 26.10.2011)

“The guitarist enthused the audience with his virtuoso compositions...Strongly atmospheric instrumental arrangements...Mönkemeyer writes music full of romantic and almost touchable beauty. And the exceptionally gifted „Fingerpicker“ and he knows how to transfer it live, he matches technical accuracy and playful passion.“ (Eschweiler Zeitung ,18.09.2012)